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Conference or Workshop Item

Chowdhury, P (2012) Development of magnetoresistive thin film sensor for magnetic field sensing applications. In: 57th DAE Solid state Physics Symposium, 3 Dec 2012, IIT, Mumbai.

Dutta, Soma and Jeyaseelan, Antony and Sabina, JEJ and Shubha, V (2010) Insitu piezoceramic coating for acouso ultrasonic testing. In: National Conference on Microsystems, Smart Materials, Structures: ISSS 10, Sept. 2010, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India.

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Sastry, PU and Mishra, PK and Krishnan, M and Chowdhury, P and Ravikumar, G (2012) High coercivity through texture formation in SmCo5/Co multilayers. In: 57th DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, 3 Dec 2012, IIT Mumbai.

Shabaze, M and Sahoo, PK and Jagannatha Guptha, VL (2019) Multiscale material modelling and analysis of carbon fiber/MWCNT/ epoxy composites to predict effective elastic constants. In: Part of special issue: 1st International Conference on Manufacturing, Material Science and Engineering.

Shetty, K and Srihari, Shylaja and Manjunatha, CM (2019) Effect of hygrothermal aging on the interlaminar shear strength of a carbon fibre composite. In: 2nd International Conference on Structural Integrity and Exhibition 2018.

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