Analysis of debris in the SPROB plant

Bhaumik, SK (2004) Analysis of debris in the SPROB plant. Project Report. National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore.

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Debris analysis suggests that the damages in the SPROB plant had taken place due to continuous burning of the propellant. There were no evidences of explosion at any given time during the accident. Analysis also showed that the most probable location of ignition was at the west of the propellant segment near the bottom ring. Immediately after ignition, the maraging steel shell got punctured resulting in escaping of the flame and the hot gases through this opening towards the west. The excessive heat at this location has resulted in the melting of the west legs of the stool and as a result the whole assembly had tilted towards the west. As the burning progressed, the propellant moved towards the west continuously because of the tilt and in the process it got separated from the steel shell at the east. While the damages continued to be more at the west, the east was protected because of the undamaged portion of the shell. As the heat generated was more at the west, the rope of the auxiliary crane hook got melted first and had fallen on the floor in between the stool and the working platform. Evidences suggest that the top ring was anchored with east and west tackles of the main crane. Subsequently, the rope with the west tackle got melted. This had created an imbalance resulting in rotation of the top ring in anticlockwise direction leading to the tearing of the maraging steel shell in the same direction along the circumference with the bottom ring. The rotation was also associated with a swing because of which the top ring along with the shell was thrown towards the southwest direction with respect to the propellant burning site. Falling of the main crane hook appears to be the last event. It is not possible at this stage to postulate the exact reason for ignition.

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