SMA Based Adaptive Concept on Wings of Large Civil Aircraft

Jayasankar, S and Dayananda, GN and Varughese, Byji and Kumar, Senthil P SMA Based Adaptive Concept on Wings of Large Civil Aircraft. In: Symposium on Applied Aerodynamics and Design of Aerospace Vehicle (SAROD-2009) December 10-12, 2009, Bangalore, India, 10-12 Dec 2009, Bangalore, India.

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Shape memory alloys (SMA) are being increasingly tried out to achieve large shape changes such as Leading Edge (LE) droop of wings. LE droop of wings of large civil aircraft have to overcome two major forces in order to realize the droop. These are, structural load required for flexing the structure and the aerodynamic load that acts against the drooping force. Conventional actuators like pneumatic, hydraulic or electromechanical actuators have serious problems like concentrated actuator mass, stress concentration and also jamming. In the case of a power failure, the conventional actuators get jammed in that particular position and it is very difficult to revert them back to the neutral position. It becomes difficult for the pilot to control an aircraft with a jammed control surface. The proposed SMA based actuators overcome the limitations of the conventional actuators stated above. SMAs have distributed actuator mass and hence do not produce stress concentration, and also improve the dynamic characteristics of the structural components. Since they are active elements, in the event of a power failure, they revert back to the neutral position. For capturing large deformations due to the LE drooping non-linear analysis has been carried out by considering the geometric non linearity of the structure. In order to obtain the large deformations in the LE advanced structural concepts have thus been used.

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