Development of Electronic actuation system for Shape Memory Alloy

Shankar, V and Dayananda, GN and Kumar, Senthil P and Rao, Subba M and Balasubramanian, R Development of Electronic actuation system for Shape Memory Alloy. In: International Conference on Smart Materials Structures and Systems December 12-14, 2002, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 12-14 Dec 2002, Bangalore, India.

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Shape memory alloy (SMA) is being widely used to implement smart concepts such as shape control and vibration suppression of aerospace structures. Shape memory alloy wires while undergoing phase transformation from martensite state to austenite state produce large strains. While doing so they serve as actuators and generate large forces when constrained while recovering their pre-defined shape, imparting this force to the structural component on which they are mounted which results in its movement. While designing the electronic system to energise an aerospace structure with shape memory alloy based actuators the amount of current and time for which this current is passed through the shape memory alloy wire are important considerations. It is equally important to design very efficient and miniature power sources (constant voltage as well as constant current) and control system to achieve fine and steady positioning of the structural component. This paper discusses different issues involved, as well as design and development of the electronics and control system for actuating and controlling a typical aerospace structural component with SMA actuators.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Shape Memory Alloy (SMA);Actuator;Power sources;Electronics, and Control system
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