Failure analysis of damaged pressure gauge/hose of an aircraft oxygen trolley

Madan, M and Sujata, M and Ranganath, VR and Bhaumik, SK (2011) Failure analysis of damaged pressure gauge/hose of an aircraft oxygen trolley. Project Report. National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India.

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There was an accident while operating the oxygen charging trolley placed next to an aircraft. The damaged components belonging to the oxygen charging trolley were sent to this laboratory for examination and also for establishing the probable cause(s) of accident. Examination revealed that the accident was caused due to explosion in the high pressure oxygen system. Evidences suggest that the most probable reason for explosion to occur is the presence of oily substances in the gauges fitted on the gas manifold. Traces of oil in substantial quantity were found present on the stem of the LP gauge. Based on this and the information provided, it appears most probable that oil was used as the pressure transmitting medium during the last calibration of the gauges. The other damages seen in the oxygen equipment is secondary in nature and would have occurred subsequent to the explosion. Laboratory tests also indicated leakage at the end connections of the hose. It is believed that this leakage was responsible for not allowing the pressure increase, beyond 1500 psi, in the oxygen transmission line down the HP regulator stop valve. However, the leakage in the hose alone does not appear to be responsible for the explosion. A detailed analysis of the failure is presented in this report and a few recommendations have been made for preventing recurrence of similar accidents in future.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Oxygen charging trolley;Fire;Explosion;Contamination;Leakage; Oily substance;Oxygen incompatible materials
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