Rashmi, V and Kumar, HB Santhosh and Saji, D and Ramesh, Sundaram (2010) SELECTION OF STRUCTURAL ADHESIVES FOR AIRCRAFT REPAIR. Documentation. NAL, Bangalore.

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One of the objectives of the project titled "Development of durable repairs for civil aircraft structures" is to identify structural adhesives for aircraft repairs. In this connection, a literature survey is conducted to identify alternates for room Temperature curable liquid epoxy adhesives like Araldite 403A/B & Araldite 501A/B and to replace High Temperature (HT) curable film adhesives like Redux 312/5 and Redux 319A. Selection criteria for a particular adhesive for aircraft repair depends upon various factors like service temperature, viscosity, lap shear strength, pot life , shelf life of the adhesive,etc. This report highlights how structural adhesives are selected for aircraft repair at room temperature and that for repairs at elevated temperatures. The adhesives like Redux 81 0, Redux 870A/B, Magnabond 6380 are chosen for RT cure , FA4 94, Epibond l590AiB are opted for 120 Deg. C cure and adhesives like Hysol EA 9686, Redm 308A-NA, FM 1000 are ident$ed for HT cures and they are selected based on their high Lap shear strength at elevated Service temperatures.

Item Type: Monograph (Documentation)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Aircraft repair;Structural Epoxy adhesives;Lap shear strength
Subjects: AERONAUTICS > Aircraft Design, Testing & Performance
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Date Deposited: 10 Aug 2010 08:30
Last Modified: 10 Aug 2010 08:30

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