Transient Thermal Analysis of a Turbine Rotor

Sudheendra, VS and Ramamurthy, S and Murugesan, K (1999) Transient Thermal Analysis of a Turbine Rotor. In: NAL-CAE Workshop, Bangalore. (Submitted)

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The turbine rotor of a gas turbine engine is subjected to temperature variations in short periods of time due to the start and stop cycles of the engine. This causes sudden changes in the temperature with transient thermal stresses being induced into the turbine rotor. The transient effects are due to tile changes in the material properties like- Density, Specific heat and Youngs Modulus. The estimate OF the thermal stresses induced in the tut-bine rotor due to change in temperature is important in determining the type of an aeroengine.. In this study an effort has been made to estimate the effects of the transient thermal in the turbine rotor using Finite Element Analysis. A typical turbine rotor in the form of a Bladed Disk called blisk is considered for transient thermal analysis using the Numerically integrated structural Analysis (NISA) package. The blisk material is considered as MAR M 247 and the properties of the material are updated to the model. The appropriate boundary conditions depicting the actual environment in which the turbine rotor works in an aeroengine are also updated. The results show that the maximum temperature occurs at the tip of the blade and decreases as we go into the disk. The Transient Thermal Analysis was successfully completed and the results obtained. The thermal stresses due to large temperature gradients are higher than the steady state stresses. The large thermal stresses occur before reaching the steady state value.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Turbine rotor, Youngs Modulus, structural Analysis
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