5-Axes Levitation of a Rotor by Active Magnetic Bearings Employing Direct Output Feedback Control

Jana, S and Arunkumar, V (2005) 5-Axes Levitation of a Rotor by Active Magnetic Bearings Employing Direct Output Feedback Control. Journal of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies. (Submitted)

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In recent years the application of active magnetic bearings (AMB), as supporting element as well as vibration controller for rotors, has attracted considerable attention from researchers. In this work an attempt has been made for the complete levitation of a rotor weighing 4 kg, supported on two radial active magnetic bearings and two axial passive magnetic bearings (PMB) resulting in 5-axes levitation. The active bearings working in the mode of attraction make the system inherently unstable. Herein, a direct output feedback control scheme based on proportional and derivative of position signal has been employed to achieve stability. The active magnetic bearings consist of electromagnetic actuators, proximity probes for position measurement, feedback controller and current feedback type power amplifier. The passive bearings consisting of axially magnetized circular permanent magnets work in the mode of repulsion. The design of the electromagnetic actuator has been carried out considering load carrying capacity of theAMB, core loss and the resistive loss in the coil, so that the temperature rise in the core as well as in the coil is within allowable limit. Design of the feedback controller is based on direct output feedback control scheme, which makes the controller design easier and implementation of the controller hardware becomes simpler. The feedback controller parameters have been selected appropriately to generate required stiffness and damping in the AMBs for stable levitation of the rotor. The rotor has been driven up to a speed of 2000 rpm.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Active control;Magnetic bearings;Magnetic levitation; Magnetic fields; Rotors; Levitation; Control systems; Feedback control; Control theory; Output feedback; Design engineering; Actuators; Electromagnetic; Bearings; Core loss; Load carrying capacity; Power amplifiers; Damping; Attraction
Subjects: AERONAUTICS > Aeronautics (General)
AERONAUTICS > Aircraft Propulsion and Power
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Date Deposited: 03 Aug 2010 05:14
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