Design and Development of Propeller for NAL-Micro Air Vehicle

Prathapanayaka, R and Krishnamurthy, SJ and Vinodkumar, N (2009) Design and Development of Propeller for NAL-Micro Air Vehicle. Technical Report. NAL, Bangalore.

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Design of propeller for low Reynolds number applications with proper matching of propeller characteristics with that of small, light weight electric motors with appreciable increase in efficiency is very challenging work. Literature survey and work carried out else where indicate that Eppler-193 airfoil is highly prospective candidate airfoil for the above applications. The aim of this project is to design and generate design data of propeller for NAL MAV applications. Eppler-193 is chosen for most part of the span of the propeller and NACA 66-021 is also chosen near the hub section to provide sufficient strength. The twist and chord distribution were chosen in such a way to give optimum thrust at design conditions. Weight and thickness distribution is also one of the main considerations for application as well as manufacturing. Aerodynamic characteristics are evaluated using two dimensional XFLR5 computer program at operating Reynolds number and flight velocity. Coefficients of lift and drag are used to evaluate the performance of the propeller using Blade Element Moment Theory along with the Prandtl hub tip loss factors. Approach velocity variation in front of the propeller is also taken in to consideration. Elemental thrust, torque, power are integrated over the propeller span using Simpson’s rule. Solid model is created using Solid Works with appropriate geometry for mounting the propeller on the motor. The propeller is fabricated using RPT process with Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS-M30) material and the same is tested for static thrust evaluation in the low speed wind tunnel of experimental aerodynamics division (EAD) of NAL. Structural design and analysis of propeller drive motor, controls and micro air vehicle are not part of this report. The theoretical and preliminary static test results show good agreement. Wind tunnel tests at different flow velocities are yet to be carried out.

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