Viscous oscillations in a circular cylinder with an elastic cover on the free surface

Kidambi, R (2009) Viscous oscillations in a circular cylinder with an elastic cover on the free surface. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 64 (3). pp. 269-284.

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The effects of an elastic membrane on the viscous oscillations of liquid filling a circular cylindrical13; container are studied by using the natural viscous complex eigenfunctions of the problem. The free surface of the13; liquid is assumed to be fully covered by the membrane. By projecting the governing equations onto an appropriate13; basis, a nonlinear eigenvalue problem for the complex frequencies is obtained. This is then solved to obtain the13; modal frequencies as a function of the Reynolds number Re, the tension parameter x3C4;, the mass parameter x3B6; and the13; liquid depth h. The zero velocity conditions on both the side and bottom walls are satisfied unlike in earlier studies where either only the sidewall or only the bottom wall conditions were met. Results are presented for the four lowest non-axisymmetric modes as a function of Re, h, x3C4; and x3B6;. The elastic cover increases the slosh frequencies but only in comparison with an uncovered free surface with a contact line that is free to move; the frequencies are lower when compared with those of a free surface with pinned contact line. There are ranges of Re, h, x3C4; and x3B6; for which the oscillations are overdamped and the sloshing is aperiodic. Though the frequencies and damping rates decrease13; for an increasing mass of the elastic cover, there exist ranges of Re, h and x3C4; for which the heavier cover produces13; higher slosh frequencies.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Circular cylinder;Complex eigenfunctions;Hydroelastic oscillations;Non-axisymmetric modes;Nonlinear eigenvalue problem
Subjects: ENGINEERING > Structural Mechanics
AERONAUTICS > Aeronautics (General)
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