Spherulitic growth in amorphous selenium under pressure

Mohan, Murali (1994) Spherulitic growth in amorphous selenium under pressure. In: Proceedings of the National Conference on High Pressure Science and Technology, 10-11Oct 1994, Bangalore, India.

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The temperature (T) dependence of the spherulitic growth rates (9) during the crystallization of amorphous selenium under pressure (p) has been obtained by microscopic observations on partially crystallized hulk specimens. The13; spherulitic growth was observed to proceed at a uniform rate under isobaricisothermal conditions over a pT range 0.3-0.7 GPa and 385-410 K. At each p? g increased by about an order of magnitude for an increase in crystallization13; temperature (Tc) of 10-15 K. At a given Tc, g decreased by about two orders of magnitude for an increase in p from 0.3 to 0.7 GPa. These data have been analyzed using the concepts developed for the crystallization of supercooled13; polymeric melts. The g-Tc data at 0.28, 0.69 GPa, and the earlier data at atmospheric pressure are shown to lie on a master curve similar to that observed for a number of crystallizable organic polymers. The implications of the13; master curve on the crystal growth rate during the solidification of the Se-melt under pressure is discussed.

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