The effect of mode interaction in orthotropic fibre reinforced composite plain channel section columns

Upadhya, AR and Loughlan, J (1981) The effect of mode interaction in orthotropic fibre reinforced composite plain channel section columns. In: Proceedings of the First International Conference, 16-18 Sept 1981, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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A theoretical investigation into the interactive buckling behavior of thin-walled orthotropic plain channel section columns is presented. A semi-energy method of analysis is used and the effects of local buckling in all elements of the section are taken into consideration.13; Changes in the locally buckled form after buckling are taken into account in an approximate manner and the effects of the local and overall imperfections are also considered. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of columns with coincident local and Euler buckling loads, since these columns exhibit unstable post-buckling13; equilibrium behavior and due to this are highly sensitive to geometrical imperfections. Results are presented for orthotropic glass fiber reinforced composite columns in the form of non-dimensional graphs. The graphs depict such aspects as flexural stiffness variation at buckling with change in cross-sectional geometry, post-buckling13; equilibrium behavior for concentrically and eccentrically loaded columns and the effect of imperfections on the maximum carrying capacity of coincident mode designs.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Columns(supports);Coupled Modes;Euler Buckling;Glass Fiber 13; Reinforced Plastics;Orthotropic Plates;Aerospace Industry;Compression Loads;Critical Loading;Energy Methods;Flexibility;Isotropic Media;Stoffness;Stress Analysis;Structural Design;Thin Walls
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