Aerodynamic characteristics of delta wing-body combinations at high angles of attack

Viswanath, PR and Patil, SR (1994) Aerodynamic characteristics of delta wing-body combinations at high angles of attack. Aeronautical Journal, 98 (975). pp. 159-170. ISSN 0001-9240

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An experimental study investigating the aerodynamic characteristics of generic delta wing-body combinations up to high angles of attack was carried out at a subsonic Mach number. Three delta wings having sharp leading edges and sweep angles of 50amp;deg;, 60amp;deg; and 70amp;deg; were tested with two forebody configurations providing a variation of the nose fineness ratio. Measurements made included six-component forces and moments, limited static pressures on the wing lee-side and surface flow visualization studies. The results showed symmetric flow features up to an incidence of about 25amp;deg;, beyond which significant asymmetry was evident due to wing vortex breakdown, forebody vortex asymmetry or both. At higher incidence, varying degrees of forebody-wing vortex interaction effects were seen in the mean loads, which depended on the wing sweep and the nose fineness ratio. The vortex breakdown on these wings was found to be a gradual process, as implied by the wing pressures and the mean aerodynamic loads. Effects of forebody vortex asymmetry on the wing-body aerodynamics have also been assessed. Comparison of Datcom estimates with experimental data of longitudinal aerodynamic characteristics on all three wing-body combinations indicated good agreement in the symmetric flow regime.13;

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Delta wing aircraft;Aerodynamics;Subsonic flow;Mechanical variables measurement;Flow visualization;Vortex flow;Aerodynamic loads;Fluid structure interaction;Pressure effects;Angle measurement; Angle of attack indicators
Subjects: AERONAUTICS > Aerodynamics
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