Nonhydrostatic compression of bismuth to 222GPa: Some constraints on elasticity of the bcc-phase13;

Singh, AK and Menendez, PE and Gutierrez, G and Akahama, Y and Kawamura, H (2006) Nonhydrostatic compression of bismuth to 222GPa: Some constraints on elasticity of the bcc-phase13;. Journal of the Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 67 (9-10). pp. 2192-2196.

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Polycrystalline bismuth sample was compressed in a diamond anvil cell and X-ray diffraction patterns from the body centered cubic phase of bismuth (bcc-Bi) recorded in the pressure range 12-222GPa. The analysis of diffraction data indicates that the factor lt;igt;Slt;/igt;=(lt;igt;Slt;/igt;lt;subgt;11lt;/subgt;-lt;igt;Slt;/igt;lt;subgt;12lt;/subgt;-lt;igt;Slt;/igt;lt;subgt;44lt;/subgt;/2) is positive, where lt;igt;Slt;/igt;lt;subgt;ijlt;/subgt; are the single-crystal elastic compliances. The data suggest lt;igt;Slt;/igt;/lt;igt;Slt;/igt;lt;subgt;11lt;/subgt;amp;ap;amp;equiv;0.5 in the entire pressure range if stress continuity across the grain boundaries is assumed, and lt;igt;Slt;/igt;/lt;igt;Slt;/igt;lt;subgt;11lt;/subgt;amp;ap;amp;equiv;0.9 if a condition halfway between the stress and strain continuities is assumed. These results are compared with the first principle calculations of the elastic moduli carried out recently. The upper bound of the uniaxial stress component (the difference between the axial and radial stress components) increases linearly from very low value at 12 to amp;ap;3GPa at 222GPa.

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