Improved iterative finite element solution for pin joints

Aruna, V Murthy and Dattaguru, B and Narayana, HVL and Rao, AK (1990) Improved iterative finite element solution for pin joints. Computers and Structures, 36 (6). pp. 1121-1128.

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Accurate, reliable and economical methods of determining stress distributions are important for fastener joints. In the past the contact stress problems in these mechanically fastened joints using interference or push or clearance fit pins were solved using both inverse and iterative techniques. Inverse techniques were found to be most efficient, but at times inadequate in the presence of asymmetries. Iterative techniques based on the finite element method of analysis have wider applications, but they have the major drawbacks of being expensive and time-consuming. In this paper an improved finite element technique for iteration is presented to overcome these drawbacks. The improved iterative technique employs a frontal solver for elimination of variables not requiring iteration, by creation of a dummy element. This automatically results in a large reduction in computer time and in the size of the problem to be handled during iteration. Numerical results are compared with those available in the literature. The method is used to study an eccentrically located pin in a quasi-isotropic laminated plate under uniform tension.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Mathematical Techniques--Finite Element Method; Structural Analysis--Computer Aided Analysis; Pin Joints; Joints;
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