Finite element formulations of constrained media elasticity. A bibliography

Prathap, Gangan and Nirmala, K (1990) Finite element formulations of constrained media elasticity. A bibliography. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 7 (3). pp. 253-270.

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A large class of problems in elasticity needs a description by several strain fields. One or more of these strain fields must vanish in certain physical regimes. The finite element description of such problems must pay particular attention to a requirement now called 'field-consistency'. This ensures that these vanishing constraints are truly met in the finite element discretisation. Failure to do so results in problems such as 'shear locking', 'membrane locking', 'parasitic shear', 'imcompressible locking', 'stress oscillations', etc. Such problems are frequent in many types of structural descriptions such as shear flexible beam and plate theory, curved beam and shell theory, degenerate shell formulations, brick elements in flexure or at near incompressible regimes, etc. In this Bibliography, we make an attempt to compile most of the material available on this subject. It is hoped that this will be a useful aid to those who want an up-to-date reference list on this growing area of interest.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Domes and Shells--Theory; Mathematical Techniques--Finite Element Method; Plates--Theory; Strain; Constrained Media Elasticity; Finite Element Discretisation; Plate Theory; Shear Flexible Beam; Shell Theory; Strain Fields; Elasticity;
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