Basic equations of fluid dynamics

Deshpande, MD (1993) Basic equations of fluid dynamics. In: CFD: Advances and Applications, 9-11 Aug 1993, Bangalore, India.

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We assume that the Navier-Stokes equations along with the continuity and energy equations govern the fluid motion irrespective of the fact that the flow is laminar or turbulent. These equations are well established and are well known. But because of the difficulty in solving them a variety of approaches and approximations have been tried. That is the reason why including some of these formulations and approximations here becomes appropriate. At the beginning of this century the boundary layer concept emerged and a major effort in fluid mechanics was to understand fluid motion through these equations. During the last two to three decades the emergence of high speed computers and the consequent development of efficient numerical algorithms have led to a vigorous activity to understand complex flows through computation. Interestingly, this has an impact on the form of the equations and even the boundary conditions. Some popular boundary conditions at infinity when analytical tools were used may not be convenient when computers are used. We give below a summary of these equations including some special forms of these equations. Time averaged and mass weighted averaged equations which are useful in dealing with turbulent flows are also included. No attempt has been made to deal with the boundary conditions. Also, we are not dealing with any turbulence models here, since it needs detailed separate attention.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Compressible flow;Conservation laws;Continuity equation; Euler equations of motion;Fluid dynamics;Incompressible flow;Navier-stokes equation;Turbulent flow;Kinetic energy; Laminar flow;Poisson equation;Reynolds stress;Stream functions
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