Investigations on the Problem of Moisture Absorption13; by Kevlar Fibres

Vijayan, Kalyani and Parimala, HV and Shubha, M (1991) Investigations on the Problem of Moisture Absorption13; by Kevlar Fibres. Polymer Science-contemporary themes. pp. 666-670.

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Kevlar fibres are know, to have affinity for moisture. We have investigated (i) the effect of relative humidity (RH) of ambient atmosphere and ( ii ) the effect of crystallinity of fibres on the process of moisture uptake.13; For RH values ranging fran 3 to 80% variation of moisture content of initially dry fibres with time has been measured. It is found that saturation moisture content varies with RH value. Specimens in which crystallinity has been reduced by apropriate treatmrent exhibit a marked increase in moisture content.Experiments on the effect of soaking the fibres in water at 26xB0;C and 98xB0;C have also been carried out. The site of ITOisture absorption has been studied using X-ray of dry Kevlar 49 fibres and those with clifferent levels13; of misture content. The results suggest that water molecules do not enter the unit cell.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Water lrolecules;Humidity chamber
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