X-ray observation of recrystallization in deformed, 99.2%pure ytterbium.13;

Mani, A and Vijayan, Kalyani (1987) X-ray observation of recrystallization in deformed, 99.2%pure ytterbium.13;. Journal of Materials Science Letters, 6. pp. 663-665.

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The behaviour of the rare earth metal ytterbium at temperatures above 300 K have been investigated by several workers [l-1 11. It has been established that ytterbium has a predominant face centred cubic structure, fi(f c c), at 300 K and atmospheric pressure. On heating, the B(fc c) structure transforms initially to a hexagonal close packed, a'(h c p), structure in the temperature range 533 to 660 K [3, 6, 8, 111. On further heating, the transformation to a body centred cubic structure, y(b c c), is observed in the temperature range 970 to 1071 K [6-9]. In this letter we report that on heating 99.2% pure, deformed ytterbium, in addition to the structural transformations, recrystallization and grain growth also occur. Details of the impurities in the 99.2% pure sample and the extent of deformation have been described in a previous publication.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: X-ray observation;recrystallization in deformed;pure ytterbium;earth metal.
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