X-ray analysis of the effect of grinding on some heat-treated carbons13;

Mani, A and Vijayan, Kalyani (1987) X-ray analysis of the effect of grinding on some heat-treated carbons13;. Journal of Materials Science Letters, 6. pp. 872-874.

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The effects of grinding on the structure of natural13; graphite and graphitized polyvinyl chloride coke have13; been reported by Inagaku ef a/. [I]. In this letter, we13; rcport the effects of slight grinding on the crystal structure of heat-treated carbons of varying degrees of13; graphitization. An X-ray diffraction method has been used for the analysis. Details of sample preparation, heat treatment and other experimental details have been published elsewhere [2, 31. The samples used for grinding include mesophase pitches heat treated at 2400 and 2700xB0;C (HTT) for various residence times (RT). Values of the graphitization index, (GI), defined as [ I ( 10.0) + I( 10.1)]/1( 10.2), where I is the intensity of reflections, for the samples before grinding are listed in Table I . The samples were ground manually in an agate mortar. As the interest of this investigation was to analyse the effects of slight grinding, the grinding time was restricted to IOmin for all the samples. The effect of grinding on the crystal structure was analysed from values of the interplanar spacings, camp;,, ?), d(, , the half-value breadths, h(,,, h,, , o) and the intensities of the reflections ( 1 0 . 0 ) and ( I 0 . 1)estimated both before and after grinding.

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