Radioprotectant S,2-Aminoethylisothiouronium Bromide Hydrobromide

Vijayan, Kalyani and Mani, A (1976) Radioprotectant S,2-Aminoethylisothiouronium Bromide Hydrobromide. Acta Cryst.. pp. 279-280.

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Abstract. C3H33N3SBr.HBr (AET Br.HBr), Mr =13; 281.0, triclinic P1, a = 7.206, b = 8.272, c = 8.640 :+-:13; 0.008 A, a = 72.4,13 = 81.0, Y = 89.8 :+-: 0.5xB0;, Dm13; (flotation in a mixture of bromoform and ethyl acetate)13; = 1.94, Dc= 1.93 g cm-3. The amino N and the S13; atoms in the molecule are trans and there is no indication13; of intramolecular S-N attraction. The crystal13; structure is stabilized by a network of NH... Br13; hydrogen bonds.

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