Prediction of liquid film cooling in presence of wall heat flux 13; 13;

Shembharkar, TR and Pai, BR (1986) Prediction of liquid film cooling in presence of wall heat flux 13; 13;. In: 8th International Conference on Heat Transfer, 17-22 Aug 1986, San Francisco, United States.

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The numerical procedure of Shembharkar and Pai (1985) for predicting film cooling with a liquid coolant was extended to take into account significant heat flux through the wall and was used to analyze the film-cooling process with an air-water system. The method solves the conservation equations of mass, momentum, species, and enthalpy for the gaseous phase within the framework of a two-dimensional turbulent flow approximation and the equations for the liquid phase through a one-dimensional laminar flow formulation, with appropriate matching at the gas-liquid interface. The method provides a solution for the flow and thermal fields, both in the region where the liquid exists as a subcooled film and in the region where it is completely vaporized. The results indicate that the freestream velocity and temperature have significant effects on the film-cooled length. In the absence of a wall heat flux, the film remains subcooled over distances encountered in practice, whereas in the presence of a wall heat flux, the procedure predicts the reduction in the film-cooled length due to the increase in interface temperature, concentration, and evaporation rate. (I.S.)

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