Silver as a dopant and as a constituent in As-Ag-Te glasses: electrical conductivity

Giridhar, A and Mahadevan, Sudha (1996) Silver as a dopant and as a constituent in As-Ag-Te glasses: electrical conductivity. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 197 (2amp;3). pp. 228-234.

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Electrical conductivity data (from 200 to 360 K) on fifteen glass compositions of the As-Ag-Te system are reported and discussed. The glasses were prepared using a two-stage melt-quenching method. For the (As2Te3)1-xAgx glasses, features are seen in the electronic properties, corresponding to a change in the role of Ag from a dopant (for Ag ? 1 at.%), to a constituent (for Ag amp;gt; 1 at.%). At this composition, step-like changes occur, in the activation energy for electrical conductivity and in the pre-exponential factor. Examination of the data indicate that, as a dopant, Ag acts as neutral scattering centres for charge carriers. As a constituent, Ag enhances the hopping channel for conductivity near the valence band edge.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Activation energy; Charge carriers; Composition; Composition effects; Crystal structure; Electric conductivity; Electronic properties; Quenching; Silver; Arsenic silver tellurium glass; Hopping channel; Neutral scattering centres; Two stage melt quenching method; Valence band edge; Glass;
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