Navier-stokes analysis of GA(W)-2 aerofoil with deflected flap and redesign of Hansa flap for better performance

Chakrabartty, SK and Dhanalakshmi, K and Ramesh, V (2003) Navier-stokes analysis of GA(W)-2 aerofoil with deflected flap and redesign of Hansa flap for better performance. Computational Fluid Dynamics Journal, 12 (1). pp. 89-97. ISSN 0918-6654

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Navier-Stokcs analysis of flow pjust GA(W)-2 aerofoil with deflected flap is presented in this paper.Extensive computations have been carried out for various flap deflections using JUMBO2D code. JUMBO2D is a twodimensional analysis code, which solves compressible Reynolds Averaged Navicr Sl.okes (RANS)equations using a vertex based finite volume space discretization, five-stage13; R.uiige-Kutta time integration and algebraic turbulence model. All the results have been validated by comparing with experimental values, fnter-code comparison has also been done for some specificeases.Design-analysis studios of an aerofoil-flap configuration proposed to be used in a low speed aircraft HANSA ;( designed, developed and built by NAL, Bangalore is also reported in this paper. This13; part of l.he work is in conUnuation of the effort reported earlier on redesign of HANSA-3 flap using CfI) where the changes were propound at the trailing edge region of the main aerofoil and on the leading edge of the llap. Implementation of those changes became difficult as this would mean modifying the trailing edge spar located in this region. Therefore, an effort has been made here to13; re-design the aerofoil flap configuration without affecting the main aerofoil upto the trailing edge spar.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Control surface design;Aerofoil;Flap;Navier-Stokes equations;Attached and separated flows
Subjects: ENGINEERING > Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
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