Synergistic catalytic activity of palladium–silver alloy nanoparticle for anodic oxidation of ethanol in alkali

Chowdhury, SR and Kanti Bera, K and Ray, A and Bera, Parthasarathi and Maiyalagan, T and Bhattacharya, SK (2021) Synergistic catalytic activity of palladium–silver alloy nanoparticle for anodic oxidation of ethanol in alkali. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,, 46 (27). pp. 14212-14224. ISSN 03603199

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Palladium and palladium-silver alloy nano catalysts were synthesized from aqueous precursor at room temperature via a single vessel chemical reduction and co-reduction methods in absence of capping agent. XPS analysis confirms the presence of Pd and Ag in the catalyst matrix. Microscopic analyses reveal spherical morphology of the catalyst in the nanoscale dimension. The electro-analytical investigation of the catalyst loaded on carbon electrode shows that the Pd4Ag nano alloy catalyst demonstrates marked improvement in electro-catalytic efficiency among all prepared catalysts for ethanol oxidation in alkali. The Pd4Ag/C catalyst shows the mass normalized peak current density of 522 mA mg−1Pd in cyclic voltammetric (CV) study, which is 1.97 times greater than that of similarly synthesized Pd/C (264.2 mA mg−1Pd) catalyst. Chronoamperometric and impedance analyses further establish the superiority of Pd4Ag/C catalyst. To discover the plausible mechanism, the CV study is typically extended to the intermediates like sodium acetate which reveals that though Pd is better for catalytic oxidation of intermediate than the best catalyst but the optimal OH− adsorption on the surface of the metal, favours catalytic oxidation of ethanol more on Pd4Ag catalyst. The mechanistic path of the reaction is anticipated by evaluating the ex-situ FTIR and chromatographic studies which explain the promotion of the formation of carboxylate in comparison to carbonate by Ag.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: PdxAgy nano alloy, Ethanol oxidation, Anode catalysts, Fuel cells
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