Sputter deposited p-NiO/n-SnO2 porous thin film heterojunction based NO2 sensor with high selectivity and fast response

Kiruba Mangalam, S and Jose, A.S and Prajwal, K and Chowdhury, P and Barshilia, Harish C (2020) Sputter deposited p-NiO/n-SnO2 porous thin film heterojunction based NO2 sensor with high selectivity and fast response. Materials Letters, 266. ISSN 0167577X

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In this work, we report fabrication and characterization of porous, single layer n-SnO2, p-NiO and bilayer thin film heterojunction devices developed using pulsed DC magnetron sputtering for NO2 detection. Template-free, NiO/SnO2 heterojunction devices were deposited both in top-bottom and in-plane electrode configurations. All the devices showed an optimum sensing temperature of 200 °C. Systematic comparison of the fabricated devices revealed that the heterojunction devices with top-bottom electrodes improved performance. Electrical characterization confirmed the formation of heterojunction across the interface. The response values of the heterojunction sensor ranged from 57 to 144 % for the NO2 concentration range of 2–10 ppm. The heterojunction device showed high selectivity against CO and NH3 with selectivity coefficients of 90 and 26, respectively. The heterojunction sensor exhibited fast response and recovery times of 37 and 98 s, respectively. The device showed excellent stability with < 2 % variation in response for 10 cycles of transient response characteristics. The I–V characteristics of heterojunctions with top-bottom and in-plane electrodes were explained by an equivalent circuit model. The observed enhancement in various parameters can be ascribed to the formation of distributed p-n nano-heterojunctions across the interface. The developed NiO/SnO2 heterojunction sensor by the simple and reproducible sputtering technique is found to be a promising candidate for the detection of NO2.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Heterojunction NO2 sensor Thin film Bilayer NiO SnO2
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