Grid generation for Aerospace applications

Mathur, JS (1999) Grid generation for Aerospace applications. Journal of Aeronautical Society of India, 52 (3). pp. 180-187.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics is beginning to play a major role in the design of aerospace vehicles. Recent advances in numerical algorithms and the development of high speed computers have made it possible to compute flows past practical configurations. Grid generation is the first step in such a computation and for a geometrically complex three-dimensional configuration this may require significantly more time and effort than the flow analysis. Grid generation is therefore a major area of research and development, with the emphasis on creating tools which make the entire process faster. Various grid generation techniques have been developed for complex configurations. Multiblock structured grids are the most popular, but the use of unstructured and Cartesian grids is rapidly increasing. The grid generation method adopted usually depends on the available flow solver code. No single method is superior in all respects, each method having its own advantages and disadvantages.13; Grid adaptation is beginning to be recognised as an important procedure inflow computation. This allows grid points to be concentrated in those regions it-here higher numerical accuracy is required, since it is computationally expensive and often impractical to rise an excessively fine grid in the entire computational domain.13; This paper broadly discusses the various grid generation techniques available and their13; relative advantages/disadvantages. It then discusses the grid generation methods used by the author and his colleagues for simulating the flow past various aerospace geometries like airfoils, wings, multi-body launch vehicles and aircraft configurations.13;

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Grid generation;Cartesian grid;Unstructured grid13;
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