Control of a Mach reflection-induced interaction using an array of vane-type vortex generators.

Verma, S.B. and Manisankar, C. (2017) Control of a Mach reflection-induced interaction using an array of vane-type vortex generators. Shock Waves. pp. 1-14. ISSN 09381287


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An experimental investigation was conducted to control a Mach reflection (MR)-induced flow separation in a Mach 2.05 flow using a 18∘ shock generator (SG). The study was extended to four SG exit heights (g / w) of 0.87, 0.81, 0.725, and 0.66 primarily to study its effect on the extent of flow separation as well as on Mach stem height, with and without control. Two vane-type vortex generator configurations, namely the ramp vane (RV) with device heights h/δ=0.3,0.5,0.8, and 1.0 and the rectangular vane (RRV) with h/δ=0.3 and 0.5, were studied for control. Each control device array was implemented 10δ upstream of the separation location for no control. For stable MR interactions (i.e., g/w=0.87,0.81), the extent of separation and the reattachment shock strength are seen to decrease with increase in RV height (with h/δ=1.0 device showing 17% reduction). However, for unstable MR condition (i.e., g/w=0.725), RV devices of h/δ=0.8 and 1.0 become ineffective. The RRV2 device (h/δ=0.5), on the other hand, was found to be more effective in reducing the extent of separation in both the stable (31%) and unstable (24%) MR conditions. The effectiveness of each control device is also accompanied with an increase in height of the Mach stem. This is, however, not seen as a serious limitation since in such strong interactions it is more important to prevent or avert an intake unstart condition. The separation shock unsteadiness or the σmax/Pw value, on the other hand, is seen to increase considerably with controls and seems to be almost independent for h/δ≥0.5.

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