Simulation and experimental validation of Common Mode Voltage in Induction Motor driven by inverter using arduino microcontroller

Reddy Sudharshana, K and Ramachandran, A and Muralidhara, V and Srinivasan, R (2017) Simulation and experimental validation of Common Mode Voltage in Induction Motor driven by inverter using arduino microcontroller. In: Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science, 5 - 7 July 2017, London, UK.

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Generally the Induction Motor is known to be a constant speed motor. It is the prime power drive in industrial Applications. But due to the progress in engineering technology the speed of the Induction Motor can be varied within certain limitations. There are many techniques to control and run the machine in Variable speed drive applications. The basic method is 2-level inverter controlled by the microcontroller, using the space vector modulation method. By this method the output of the inverter will be Non-sinusoidal and hence at the star point of the load there exists a Voltage with respect to ground and it is known as Common Mode Voltage, induces electromagnetic interference which causes disturbance to the nearby communication and electronics equipment. To reduce the Common Mode Voltage a higher level of inverter 3-level can be used. By using the 3-level inverter the number of devices will be increased to twelve from six for 2-level. There is a method with less number of devices, nine for 3-level inverter, which gives better performance in terms of Common Mode Voltage than the 3-level method with twelve devices. In this paper the authors have discussed the 2-level, 3-level with twelve devices and 3-level with nine devices by simulation using MATLAB-Simulink and by Experiment. For 3-level inverter twelve devices, the Common Mode Voltage values are taken from the earlier published results. Fast Fourier transform has been done using the signal Analysis software and results are plotted with frequency versus voltage. The Phase Voltage, Line voltage and Common Mode Voltage are measured using Agilent make mixed signal oscilloscope. In the conclusion, the Common Mode Voltage values are compared with different operating frequencies of Induction Motor is shown in the table.

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