Synthesis of high yield silver nanowires for transparent flexible conductor applications

Siju, John and Barshilia, Harish C (2018) Synthesis of high yield silver nanowires for transparent flexible conductor applications. In: Second International Conference on Large Area Flexible Microelectronics (ILAFM 2016): Wearable Electronics, December 20th-22nd, 2016.

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In the present study, we demonstrate a solution-phase synthesis of silver nanowires (AgNWs) using poly vinyl pyrrolidone (PVP). NaCl was added as a precursor to the reaction for controlling the free Ag+ ions concentration during the formation of initial Ag seeds. By controlling the experimental conditions, the Ag nanostructures can be transformed from nanoparticles to nanowires. Field emission scanning electron microscopy results show that AgNWs of diameter ∼50−80 nm and length ∼5−30 μm can be achieved. UV−Visible absorption spectroscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy results indicate the formation of Ag nanowires in highly pure phase. In addition, thin film of AgNWs has been fabricated on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate to form a flexible transparent electrode. The optical and electrical studies on AgNWs coated PET substrate show the formation of transparent and electrically continuous network of AgNWs with a resistance of ∼60 Ω/sq. and maximum total transmittance (T) of ∼86%.

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