Corrosion and Wear Response of Oxide-Reinforced Nickel Composite Coatings

Tirlapur, Pradeep and Muniprakash, M and Srivastava, Meenu (2016) Corrosion and Wear Response of Oxide-Reinforced Nickel Composite Coatings. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 25 (7). pp. 2563-2569. ISSN 10599495

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Various grades of fuels are used in automobiles, as a result the engine components are continuously subjected to simultaneous action of corrosion and wear. Ni-SiC composite coating is the most widely investigated and commercialized wear-resistant coating in the automotive industry. However, this coating cannot be used at temperatures above 450 °C due to the tendency of SiC to react with Ni and form brittle silicides. An alternate approach is to use oxide-reinforced coatings. In the present study, zirconia, ZrO2 and, yttria-stabilized zirconia, YSZ-reinforced Ni composite coatings have been developed by electrodeposition method. It was observed from the microhardness studies that there is no significant difference in the values for Ni-SiC and Ni-ZrO2 coatings. The corrosion behavior was evaluated using polarization and electrochemical impedance studies. The studies showed that oxide particle-reinforced Ni coatings possessed better corrosion resistance due to their lower corrosion current density, I corr. Tribo-corrosion studies were carried out to understand the synergistic effect of wear and corrosion on the performance of Ni-based composite coatings in 0.5 M Na2SO4. Among various composite coatings, Ni-YSZ exhibited less material loss thereby showing better tribo-corrosion behavior.

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