Design and Testing of Aero Engine Air Intake Actuator Mechanism for Icing and Non-Icing Conditions

Vinay, CA and Jayagopal, S (2015) Design and Testing of Aero Engine Air Intake Actuator Mechanism for Icing and Non-Icing Conditions. In: 9th National Symposium and Exhibition on Aerospace and Related Mechanisms (ARMS 2015), 30 Jan 2015, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bengaluru.

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The air inlet system should be designed to provide the maximum possible total pressure at the air inlet screen over a wide range of normal flight conditions. Efficient ram pressure recovery at the engine air inlet is required to obtain maximum power levels and low specific fuel consumption. In addition, the air intake design also involves the incorporation of a certified Ice Protection System (IPS) to protect against icing conditions and Foreign Object Damage (FOD). The IPS works on the principle of accelerating the flow within the duct in the presence of ice particles and utilizing the higher inertia of the particles, eject the particles through the bypass duct. An inertial separator vane is deployed inside the duct for the actuated (icing) and non-actuated (non-icing) position for achieving this. The authors have designed a mechanism to deploy air intake vane door downwards and open the bypass door simultaneously and vice-versa during icing conditions thereby preventing damage to the engine, without degrading air intake efficiency beyond prescribed operating limits. Precise functioning of this mechanism is critical to the flight operation as it controls the engine main air intake mass flow. Fail safe design has been incorporated in the mechanism to ensure uninterrupted engine operation for any flight condition. Further, the ground test results show the satisfactory operation of the mechanism during engine runs for both icing and non-icing (normal) conditions. Also, it was noticed that at engine air intake, mass flow rate is meeting the design requirements for each operation of the mechanism and hence proving the satisfactory operation of the actuator mechanism.

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