Design of Stretching Unit for Continuous Β-Phase PVDF Film and Analysis of Piezoelectric Film Sensor for Transducer Applications

Patil, V and Anjana, Jain (2013) Design of Stretching Unit for Continuous Β-Phase PVDF Film and Analysis of Piezoelectric Film Sensor for Transducer Applications. International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, 2 (12). pp. 3008-3011. ISSN 2278-0181

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Piezoelectric polymer, poly (vinylidene fluoride), PVDF is a widely used fluorocarbon polymer with varied range of applications. PVDF is known to exhibits scientifically interesting and technologically important electrical properties due to their polar structure. When it is subjected to mechanical deformation, it becomes electrically polarized and exhibits strong piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties i.e. the material can be used as a plastic transducer element, which will generate electrical charge as a result of externally, imposed mechanical or thermal fields. PVDF polymer exists in four different forms namely alpha, beta, gama and delta. Beta (β) phase is the well-known piezoelectric form of PVDF. Beta-phase PVDF is produced from film stretching or rolling the films at certain temperatures. To obtain the β phase of film stretching equipment required. So film can be stretched stage by stage. The condition required for stretching the PVDF film can be obtained by passing the film through three heated rollers. The concept is similar to that of a sugar cane squeezing machine. Here we are including heaters to heat the rollers from the inside. The stretching unit consists of three rollers of diameter 40mm. Center roller is fixed permanently to the frame, but can rotate freely in the position, and the other rollers is made to slide up and down above the fixed roller to achieve a good compression of the film and a stretch ratio of 4:1. The sliding roller is fixed to two slides at each end, which slides on the walls of the frame. The slides are moved up and down with the help of two screws which is operated manually and the required pressure is also obtained to have a stretch ratio of 4:1.Characterization of film before and after stretching by using methods X-Ray Diffractometer, Raman Scattering equipment, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Scanning Electron Microscope and Infrared spectrum. Sensor was analyzed using software Ansys, the results obtained were correlated with the experimental results. Test case available in literature was also considered and the results were validated. The work can be extended to complex structures.

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