Vision Based Altitude Control for a Trajectory Following Quadrotor Using Position Feedback

Bharath, MK and Hemanth, K and Ashish, P and Gokul, M and Vaitheeswaran, SM (2013) Vision Based Altitude Control for a Trajectory Following Quadrotor Using Position Feedback. In: 9th International Conference on Intelligent Unmanned System, Jaipur -2013, 29 Sep 2013, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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A quadrotor, or quadrotor helicopter, is an aircraft that becomes airborne due to the lift force provided by four rotors usually mounted in cross configuration, hence its name. They are of particular interest due to their small size, great maneuverability and hovering capability. However quadrotors have a limited payload capacity because they require four motors for operation, which consumes more power than conventional Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. This reduces the number of sensors and mission critical equipment they are able to carry. Due to this limitation researchers have turned to vision-based techniques for navigation of UAVs. Vision-based navigation provides a large number of useful features that extend quadrotors capabilities. They include the basic control functions of keeping the quadrotor roll and pitch angles stable (attitude control), controlling the vehicle trajectories when flying in free spaces (course stabilization), and keeping the altitude at proper height over ground. A color camera tracks the image features under the quadrotor and above ground. These blobs are located on a known geometric shape.

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