Current Trends in Aircraft Structural Repair

Saji, D (2014) Current Trends in Aircraft Structural Repair. In: Two Day Workshop on Recent Trends in Manufacturing, 27-28 Mar 2014, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore.

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The repair technology for conventional metallic aircraft structures has been well established and is being carried out on a routine basis by operators throughout the world. However repair technology and maintenance of conventional metallic aircraft structures has taken a new turn recently with the problem of ageing aircraft structures of civil and military airplanes. • Long term use of aircraft made out of conventional metals like aluminum alloys causes fatigue cracks in the stress critical zones and also corrosion in general. Corrosion can be minimized by periodic maintenance through corrosion protective surface coatings. The fatigue cracks need to be detected by inspection and repaired. This is a highly specialized job. Various field experiments proved that these fatigue cracks can be repaired using Advanced Composites more efficiently. Because of the directional properties of composites, the stiffening of the structure can be done as required simultaneously arresting crack propagation. • Majority of aircraft structures are designed based on stiffness requirements and the stiffness of the cracked panels can be restored more efficiently by bonding patches made out of advanced composites. Technology of patch bonding is now well established and widely used for aircraft structural repair. Repairing through patch bonding will add minimum weight does not disturb the aerodynamic surface too much; adds only very little weight. • The objective of the paper is to explain various types of joints in composite structures, design guidelines. Further different types of repair schemes that can be employed to repair damaged aircraft parts with advanced composites. Commonly used methods to repair cracked wing surface are wet lay up of Carbon cloth and Room Temperature bonding of a pre-cured CFRP laminate over the damaged part. Main advantage of this bonded repair is that it takes less than half the man hours demanded by conventional repair. NAL has employed wet lay up technique to arrest fuel leak of a high speed military aircraft. The paper will also address how pre-cured CFRP patches are employed to repair MLG Beam of MiG-23 through hybrid joining technique. The durability of these repair are validated by periodic ultrasonic inspection. • Current trends in aircraft repair are use of advanced composites to repair metallic & composite aircraft structures and development of machining tools for speedy repair.

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