Inviscid Faraday waves in a brimful circular cylinder

Kidambi, R (2013) Inviscid Faraday waves in a brimful circular cylinder. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 724. pp. 671-694. ISSN 0022-1120

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We study inviscid Faraday waves in a brimful circular cylinder with pinned contact line. The pinning leads to a coupling of the Bessel modes and leads to an infinite system of coupled Mathieu equations. For large Bond numbers, even though the stability diagrams and the subharmonic and harmonic resonances for the free and pinned contact lines are similar,the free surface shapes can be quite different. With decreasing Bond number, not only are the harmonic and subharmonic resonances very different from the free contact line case but also interesting changes in the stability diagram occur with the appearance of combination resonance tongues. Points on these tongue boundaries correspond to almost periodic states. These do not seem to have been reported in the literature.

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