Scientific Web Sites and their Use Patterns among Aerospace Scientists and Engineers of Bangalore:A Research Study

Guruprasad, R and Marimuthu, P (2014) Scientific Web Sites and their Use Patterns among Aerospace Scientists and Engineers of Bangalore:A Research Study. International Journal of Science and Technology, 2 (2). pp. 28-44. ISSN 2203-4447

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Aviation is one of the most significant technological marvels of our time and empowers the nation with strength. It is a major tool for economic development and has a significant role in national security and international relations. Aerospace engineering is the application of advanced science and technology for the design and development of flight vehicles. Aerospace Scientists and Engineers frequently use ‘Scientific Web Sites’ to look for (a) technical information, (b) brows information related to their area of research, (c) To update selfknowledge, (d) To keep in touch with global R&D, (e) write technical proposals, (f) for joint collaborative research work with their peers, (g) download computer programs, (e) for experimental techniques and methodologies, (f) for code of standards and practices, (g) drawings and designs, (h) patents and inventions etc.. A research study was undertaken to look at the ‘Frequency of Usage of Scientific Web Sites’ by the Aerospace Scientists and Engineers of Bangalore from the selected 16 aerospace organizations which constituted the sample. The major conclusions of this study are: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was applied for testing the significant difference among the 16 mean scores attained from the scientists and engineers of the aerospace organizations for ‘the frequency of usage of various scientific web sites’. It is observed that all the 16 aerospace organizations show a significant difference (P < 0.05) in their mean scores viz., ‘‘SCIRUS’, ‘Google Scholar’, OJOSE’, ‘Biolink’, ‘SciSeek’, ‘CiteSeer’, ‘MetaCrawler’, ‘Scientific Commons’, ‘JSTOR’, ‘ISI’, ‘’, ‘Alphasearch’,‘BigHub’, ‘INFOMINE’, ‘’, ‘SciCentral Gateway’, ‘The Virtual Technical Reports Center’, ‘News Trawler’, ‘Athenus’, ‘DOAJ’ and ‘Search engine for aerospace and defense debuts (’ except for ‘Google Book’.

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