Development of Attitude and Heading Estimator on APM 2.5 and NAL Auto-Pilot Boards for Micro Aerial Vehicle Navigation

Sudesh, K Kashyap and Sanketh , Ailneni and Shantha Kumar, N Development of Attitude and Heading Estimator on APM 2.5 and NAL Auto-Pilot Boards for Micro Aerial Vehicle Navigation. Project Report. CSIR-NAL, January 2014.

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Under the project NPMICAV, two estimation algorithms namely, 15-state EKF and NCF-EKF spilt architecture are developed and evaluated in software-in-the-loop simulation (SILS) environment for estimating position, velocities, attitude and heading of ‘Black-Kite’ MAV. The performance of both the estimators is observed to be satisfactory. 100 Monte Carlo simulations were performed on both the estimators and root mean square error (RMSE) of the estimates is found to be within 1-σ bound thereby indicating their robustness against the measurement noise. The 15-state EKF is reduced to 4-state EKF in quaternion form and NCF-EKF split algorithm is reduced to NCF and are implemented successfully on APM-2.5 board. The performance of 4-state EKF and NCF is evaluated using LAB test, Processor-in-the-loop simulation (PILS) and flight data. From these evaluations it is found that under no wind condition 4-state EKF and NCF are comparable with the reference. But the performance of 4-state EKF estimator degrades in windy conditions when compared to the reference. On indigenously developed NAL auto-pilot board, 4-state EKF is implemented and some ground tests and flight test are carried out. Initial results look encouraging however there are some issues such as code optimization, data logging etc that need to be resolved in order to provide attitude and heading at the rate of 50 Hz

Item Type: Monograph (Project Report)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Extended Kalman Filter, Non-linear Complementary Filter, APM2.5, Software-in-the-Loop Simulation, Processor-in-the-Loop Simulation
Subjects: AERONAUTICS > Aircraft Communication & Navigation
Depositing User: Dr Sudesh Kumar Kashyap
Date Deposited: 15 Jan 2014 04:08
Last Modified: 28 Oct 2015 06:47

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