Thermally stable and transparent superhydrophobic sol-gel coatings by spray method

Mahadik, Satish A and Mahadik, DB and Kavale, MS and Parale, VG and Wagh, PB and Barshilia, Harish C and Rao, A Venkateswara (2012) Thermally stable and transparent superhydrophobic sol-gel coatings by spray method. Journal of Sol-Gel Sciene and Technology, 63 (3). pp. 580-586. ISSN 0928-0707

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A facile method was developed for the fabrication of the methyltriethoxysilane based transparent and superhydrophobic coating on glass substrates. The transparent and hydrophobic coatings were deposited on the glass substrates, using spray deposition method followed by surface modification process. A spray deposition method generates hierarchical morphology and post surface modification with monofunctional trimethylchlorosilane decreases the surface free energy of coating. These combined effects of synthesis produces bio-inspired superhydrophobic surface. The deposited coating surface shows high optical transparency, micro-nano scale hierarchical structures, improved hydrophobic thermal stability, static water contact angle of about 167° ± 1°, low sliding angle about 2° ± 1° and stable superhydrophobic nature. This paper provides the very simple sol–gel approach to the fabrication of optically transparent, thermally stable superhydrophobic coating on glass substrates. This fabrication strategy may easily extend to the industrial scale up and high-technology fields.

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