Solution combustion synthesis: From powders to coatings

Aruna, ST (2013) Solution combustion synthesis: From powders to coatings. In: Commemoration of 25 years of Solution combustion synthesis, 12 Jul 2013, IPC department, IISc, Bangalore.

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The solution combustion synthesis (SCS) was accidently discovered 25 years ago by Kingsley and Patil during the synthesis of alumina by rapidly heating a solution of aluminium nitrate and urea at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. A large number of technologically important nanosize oxide powders have been prepared using solution combustion process and were used in the development of corrosion and wear resistant electrocomposite coatings. The concept of mixture of fuels approach was demonstrated for the first time for the solution combustion synthesis of nanosize zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA). It was found that the mixture of fuels not only helped in decreasing the particle size but also facilitated in lowering the sintering temperature of the powders. Nanosize oxides like alumina, ceria, zirconia, zirconia toughened alumina, alumina yttria stabilized zirconia (AZY), yttria doped ceria (YDC) were synthesized by solution combustion method and have been incorporated in the electrodeposited Ni coating. The properties of Ni electrocomposite coatings like microhardness, corrosion and wear resistance have been studied in detail. The developed electrocomposites containining solution combustion synthesized oxide powders have shown improved properties compared to the composite coatings containing commercial oxide powder. This talk will cover the synthesis of oxides using mixture of fuels approach and the properties of the developed coatings. Also, the application of SCS oxide powders fo solar selective paint, SOFC electrodes fabrication and thermal barrier coatings will be presented

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