Afterbody-Nozzle Drag Characteristics Of LCA-KAVERI CONFIGURATION

Mathur, NB (1995) Afterbody-Nozzle Drag Characteristics Of LCA-KAVERI CONFIGURATION. Technical Report. NAL, Bangalore.

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In The Present Investigation (Phase-Il')After Body-Nozzle Flow Simulation Studies Were Carried Out With The Three Nozzles, Corresponding To Reheat,Dry And Intermediate Operating Conditions For The LCA-Kaveri Configuration. Experiments Were Carried Out In The Freestream Mach Number Range Of; 0.6 To 1.6 And Jet Pressure Ratio Of 1 To 8. The Jet At The Nozzle Exit Was Sonic Throughout These Experiments.Detailed Pressure Measurements Were Carried Out On An Ax Symmetric Version Of LCA After Body With The Above Three Nozzle Configurations In The 0.3m Trisonic Wind Tunnel . After Body Pressure Drag Was Obtained From The Numerical Integration Of The After Body Static Pressures. Comparison Of After body Pressure Drag Characteristics Of LCA-Kaveri And LCA-CTX Configurations Show That The After body Drag Level Of LCA-Kaveri Nozzle Configuration Is About 20-30 Percent Higher Than That Of LCA-GTX After body Configuration.

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