Analysis of effect of wake vortices on air data sensors

Goyal, Anup and Saraf, Amitabh and Pashilkar, AA and Patel, Ambalal V. (2011) Analysis of effect of wake vortices on air data sensors. In: Symposium on Applied Aerodynamics and Design of Aerospace Vehicle (SAROD 2011), November 16-18, 2011, Bangalore, India.

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An essential part of operational clearance of a new aircraft is to certify that it is safe to fly even when wake vortices generated by another aircraft are encountered. For certification, it must be demonstrated that the aircraft can safely cross the wake at a certain separation distance. When the wake is encountered, air data sensors that measure the directional of airflow in terms of Angle of Attack (AOA / Alpha), Angle of Side Slip (AOSS / Beta / SSA) and pressures (Total and Static Pressure) show large fluctuations. The ADS measurements are used for feedback to the fly-by-wire control laws.These large and rapid fluctuations in the ADS signals affects the commands generated by the fly-by-wire control laws and in turn results in generating high loads on the aircraft. Therefore, before actual flight tests it is necessary to predict the behaviour of Air Data System (ADS) on encountering wake. Appropriate wake encounter protection features should be incorporated in the ADS algorithms. The behaviour of the ADS including the wake protection features during wake must be cleared in a simulation environment. The simulation environment for wake analysis, behaviour of the ADS measurements with and without wake protection features are presented in this paper for a generic high performance aircraft. Paper also briefly presents the wake protection features incorporated in the ADS algorithms.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Air Data System, Wake, Fighter aircraft, Wake clearance
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