Benefits of Open Access Institutional Repository


  1. Enables Institution to publicise its research output of their scientists andtechnologists
  2. Increases institutions visibility and prestige
  3. Complete intellectual output can presented in one place rather then spread amongst various resources (Journals, Conf. proceedings, patents, Technical Reports, etc.,)
  4. IR plays as an effective advertisement tool in attracting external revenues, talents, etc.,
  5. Motivating research by making intellectual output open (free) for  have-not’s  (ultimately to the betterment of mankind)
  6. To keep track of Intellectual output for various administrative tasks (Assessment, publishing reports etc.,)


  1. Available freely on institutional repository increases citations of an author
  2. More citations to author means more visibility to the work.
  3. Helps in quality assessment of an individuals work
  4. Increases profile of an author on world wide basis and in subject domain
  5. Regular submission to the repository provides an author with central archive ofhis/her work