Centrifugal force assisted combustion synthesis of intermetallics (NiAl)

Seshadri, R (2003) Centrifugal force assisted combustion synthesis of intermetallics (NiAl). Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 17 (4). p. 1042.

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A novel method, developed for the simultaneous combustion synthesis and densification of an intermetallic, has been described. In this method, a highly exothermic reaction (or a chemical oven) is used as a source of heat for combustion synthesis and centrifugal force is used as a source of pressure for simultaneous densification. Known quantities of pure metal powders were melted by this method using thermit reaction (Felt;subgt;2lt;/subgt;Olt;subgt;3lt;/subgt;+2Alamp;rarr;Allt;subgt;2lt;/subgt;Olt;subgt;3lt;/subgt;+2Fe) as the source of heat to establish the range of sensible heat, Hlt;subgt;slt;/subgt;, available for combustion synthesis of an intermetallic under the experimental conditions employed in this study. Castings of equiatomic NiAl were produced, using powders of the constituent elements, in this range of Hlt;subgt;slt;/subgt; at different magnitudes of centrifugal force. The adiabatic temperature of the reaction Ni+Alamp;rarr;NiAl was estimated. At all the magnitudes of centrifugal force studied, the density of NiAl was found to increase with the increase in Hlt;subgt;slt;/subgt; and reach a maximum when conditions were nearly adiabatic. The variations in the centrifugal pressure and heat transfer during the synthesis of NiAl were found responsible for this change in density

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Exothermic reaction;Combustion synthesis;Adiabatic temperature
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