Studies on nichrome and stainless steel fibre reinforced aluminium matrix composites

Pai, BC and Parameswara, MA and Kulkarni, AG and Balasubramanian, N (1983) Studies on nichrome and stainless steel fibre reinforced aluminium matrix composites. Technical Report. National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore, India.

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    Stainless steel and nichrome fibres were reinforced in aluminium matrix by vacuum infiltration technique. The13; measured UTS of these cast composites as a function of the13; volume fraction of the fibre reinforcement were higher13; compared to the values computed using the rule of mixture.13; NO noticeable reaction product was observed for stainless13; steel fibre-aluminium composite at the fibre/matrix interface when exposed 'to 400xB0;C for 100 hrs. But above 400xB0;C, the fibre got degraded by the formation and outward growth or the Teactin products at the isolated ,surfaces of the fibres. In the case of nichrome-aluminium composites no13; reaction product- was poticed upto 350xB0;C. However above13; 350xB0;C the fibres get degraded by the inward grovlth of the13; reaction product.

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