Structural characteristics of some metallo-organic discogenst

Usha, K and Vijayan, Kalyani and Chandrasekhar, S (1993) Structural characteristics of some metallo-organic discogenst. Liquid crystals, 15 (5). pp. 575-589.

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    We have recently analysed the crystal and molecular structures of six metalloorganic13; discogens with substituted {J-diketone ligands. The molecules consist of a rigid 11 atom core and a fringe made up of four phenyl rings substituted with13; alkyl/alkoxy chains. In complex (i),with four octyloxy chains, there are four oxygen atoms around the core. Complex (ii) is asymmetrically substituted with two13; heptyloxy and two heptyl chains and therefore has two oxygen atoms and complexes (iii) to (vi)have only alkyl chains and hence no oxygen atoms around the core. The metal atom used for coordination has been chosen as Cu/Pd/Ni. Determination of the crystal and molecular structures of these discogens has led to the identification of the following similarities: (1) All the six discogens crystallize in the triclinic space group PI. The recurrence of the space group may be correlated with the structural requirements for efficient packing of the molecules in the crystal lattice. (2) The coordination around the metal atom is square planar. (3) The 11 atom core is only nearly planar. (4)The phenyl rings and the chains are tilted with respect to the core. (5) The molecular conformation in the crystal confers a nearly13; rectangular shape to these discogens. (6)The chains are fully extended in an ail trans conformation. (7) The molecular arrangement is tilted columnar except for the13; crystal structure of complex (ii).

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