Development of an Interrogation System for Particle Imaging Velocimetry

Ramesh, G (1997) Development of an Interrogation System for Particle Imaging Velocimetry. Technical Report. National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore,India.

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This report describes the development of a PC based interrogation system for processing double exposed PIV records (in the form of negative film) to derive the instantaneous velocity vectors in a plane. The system based on an IBM-AT 486 personal computer, provides all useful features for this purpose, including a digital image processing system and a computer-driven support for the automatic point by point data reduction of the slides. A PC bus based add-on card was developed for the X-Y translation to precisely position the probing laser beam on photographic negative. The Young's fringe Images were digitized using monochrome CCD camera, frame grabber combination and processing program were developed for vector extraction. Two algorithms for analyzing speckle photography fringes for spacing and orientation were compared. Each algorithm was tested for accuracy and computer run-time through a computer simulation which also include the degradation of data by noise and also with the fringes from experimental recording. The time of evaluation per point including positioning and garbing is about 10 seconds. Thus the system is comparable in processing speed to auto-correlation scheme developed for the same purpose.

Item Type: Monograph (Technical Report)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Particle Imaging Velocimetry,Young's Fringe analysis, Speckle 13;
Subjects: AERONAUTICS > Aerodynamics
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