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NAL's Institutional Repository is the digital archive of the research output of our scientists. This knowledge base covers journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, presentation/lectures, preprints, Thesis, images etc. One can browse the documents by author, division, subject, date and document type. Both simple and advanced search facilities have been provided. ICAST hopes to make this archive exhaustive very soon. NAL scientists are welcome to submit their publications on their own by registering.
Recent Submissions:-

Jyothi Kumar, Puttam (2013) Implementation and Testing of Overset Grid Capability for Supersonic Flows. In: Symposium on Applied Aerodynamics and Design of Aerospace Vehicle (SAROD 2013), 21 Nov 2013, Hyderabad, India.

Naidu, VPS and Indhu, B (2015) Gimballed Camera Control for On-Point Target Tracking. American Research Journal of Electronics and Communication, 1 (1). pp. 1-9.

Naidu, VPS and Indhu, B and Srikanth, A (2015) MAS Simulator: A Laboratory Set Up. In: CCIP2015.

Kulkarni, PD and Sellarajan, Boominatha and Krishnan, M and Barshilia, Harish C and Chowdhury, P (2013) Anisotropic magnetic properties of bi-layered structure of ordered Co nanorod array: Micromagnetic simulation and experiments. Journal of Applied Physics, 114 (17). ISSN 0021-8979

Chowdhury, P and Thomas, Ann Nimmy and Sharma, Megha and Barshilia, Harish C (2014) Facile approach for in situ measurement of anode temperature during the growth of self-ordered nanoporous anodic alumina thin films: Influence of Joule heating on pore microstructure. Electrochemica Acta, 115 . pp. 657-664.

Konopkova, Z and Rothkirch, A and Singh, AK and Speziale, S and Liemann, H-P (2015) In situ x-ray diffraction of fast compressed iron: Analysis of strains and stress under non-hydrostatic pressure. Physical Review B, 91 (14). pp. 144101-1. ISSN 1098-0121

Veera Sesha Kumar, C and Janaki Rami Reddy, M and Jayaraman, M (2014) Design and Development of Test Rig for High Speed Alternator. Project Report. National Aerospace Laboratories.

Veera Sesha Kumar, C and Janaki Rami Reddy, M and Pandian, K and Rajendran, R and Jayaraman, M (2015) Test Report for High Speed Alternator of MANIK Engine. Project Report. National Aerospace Laboratories.

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