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NAL's Institutional Repository is the digital archive of the research output of our scientists. This knowledge base covers journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, presentation/lectures, preprints, Thesis, images etc. One can browse the documents by author, division, subject, date and document type. Both simple and advanced search facilities have been provided. ICAST hopes to make this archive exhaustive very soon. NAL scientists are welcome to submit their publications on their own by registering.
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Vinay, CA and Chakravarthy, B and Venkat Iyengar, S (2015) CFD Analysis and Experimental Study of Engine Air Intake for A Pusher Type Light Turbo Prop Aircraft. In: ANSYS Convergence 2015, 15-05-2015, Bangalore.

Vinay, CA (2015) Vibration Measurement and Trend Analysis of a Light Transport Aircraft Engine. In: International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering (ICETE -2015), 08-05-2015, Udupi.

Vinay, CA and Malisetty Leela, Shankar (2015) Environmental Control System Testing and Performance Evaluation of a Transport Aircraft. In: NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RECENT TRENDS IN AEROSPACE SYSTEMS INTEGRATION & TESTING ASET 2015, 01-05-2015, ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri.

Sudesh, K Kashyap and Naidu, P and Shantha Kumar, N (2016) Multi-spectrum-based enhanced synthetic vision system for aircraft DVE operations. In: SPIE Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing Symposium , 4-7 April 2016, New Delhi.

Senthil Kumar, S and Nalluri, A and Anandan, C and Shri Prakash , B and Aruna, ST (2016) Deposition and Evaluation of Mn-Co Oxide Protective Sputtered Coating on SOFC Interconnects and Current Collectors. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 163 (8). F1-F8. ISSN 0013-4651

Kamalakannan, GM and Navaneetha, S (2014) In-flight control of MAV wing camber using Shape Memory Alloy Actuators and flex sensor. In: National Symposium on Instrumentation (NSI-39), 15 Oct 2014, Gurukul Kangri University Haridwar.

Vinay, CA and Jayagopal, S (2015) Design and Testing of Aero Engine Air Intake Actuator Mechanism for Icing and Non-Icing Conditions. In: 9th National Symposium and Exhibition on Aerospace and Related Mechanisms (ARMS 2015), 30 Jan 2015, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bengaluru.

Sivkumar, G and Arul Paligan, A and Shubha, V and Mohan, KN (2015) FPGA based Portable Embedded Real Time Humidity and Temperature Measuring System. In: NCIRET 2015, 25 Apr 2015, Kurnool, AP.

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