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NAL's Institutional Repository is the digital archive of the research output of our scientists. This knowledge base covers journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, presentation/lectures, preprints, Thesis, images etc. One can browse the documents by author, division, subject, date and document type. Both simple and advanced search facilities have been provided. ICAST hopes to make this archive exhaustive very soon. NAL scientists are welcome to submit their publications on their own by registering.
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Divya, M and Aruna Mastani, S and Naidu, VPS (2017) Real Time Image Fusion using Multi Resolution Discrete Sine Transform. Int. Journal of Engineering Research and Application, 7 (2). pp. 55-60.

Hela Saraswathi, B and Naidu, VPS (2017) Implementation and Validation of Visual and Infrared Image Fusion Techniques in C# .NET Environment. Control and Data Fusion-CADF e-JournaL, Vol. 1 (No. 2). pp. 27-39.

Naidu, VPS and Divya, M and Maha Lakshmi, P (2017) Multi-Modal Medical Image Fusion using Multi-Resolution Discrete Sine Transform. Control and Data Fusion e-Journal, Vol. 1 ( No. 2). pp. 13-26.

Senthil Kumar, S and Nalluri, A and Balaji, N and Shri Prakash , B and Ojha, PK and Aruna, ST (2017) Solution precursor plasma spray process: A promising route for the fabrication of Mn-Co oxide based protective coating for SOFC. Surface and Coatings Technology, 324 . pp. 26-35. ISSN 0257-8972

Dr Ramachandran, Guruprasad (2017) Impact of Demographic Variables on the Use Patterns of Electronic Information Resources Among Aerospace Scientists and Engineers of Bangalore. International Journal on Environmental Sciences , 8 (1). pp. 90-104. ISSN 0976-4534

Aruna, ST and Kulkarni, Saraswathi and Chakravarthy, M and Senthil Kumar, S and Balaji, N and Mandal, Chitra (2017) Comparative study on the synthesis and properties of suspension precursor plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings. Ceramics International . ISSN 0272-8842

Ariharan, S and Sengupta, P and Nisar, A and Agnihotri, A and Balaji, N and Aruna, ST and Balani, K (2016) Dual-Layer Oxidation-Protective Plasma-Sprayed SiC-ZrB2/ Al2O3-Carbon Nanotube Coating on Graphite. Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 26 . pp. 417-431. ISSN 1059-9630

Lakshmi, RV and Aruna, ST (2016) Corrosion protection behaviour of silica–titania hybrid coatings embedded with silica nanoparticles. Surface Engineering, 33 (6). pp. 467-473. ISSN 1743-2944

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